Arvixe Coupons 2016

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Arvixe is currently among the fastest-rising webhosting companies of the last ten years. It offers a variety of cost-effective hosting services for businesses and it features dedicated servers, shared hosting and VPS(virtual private servers) hosting. As with any high quality provider, this service features an active blog, a wide range of services and a superb uptime record.


Arvixe Coupons 2016

Arvixe webhosting features

Arvixe offers outstanding domain facilities, easy-to-use website creation tools and the standard web hosting features. These include:

•Servers –Arvixe provides Linux hosting and Asp .net hosting for small businesses and organizations. For large organizations and companies which require bigger hosting platforms, it offers VPS hosting and dedicated servers.
•Standard and advanced hosting features –Arvixe offers both basic (standard) and advanced hosting features. Website creation is easy and stress-free using the service’s intuitive site builders that are incorporated in the control panel.Shared SSL certificates and shopping carts are also featured.
•Unlimited bandwidth and disk space –The plans offered by Arvixe come with unlimited bandwidth and disk storage. It also offers unlimited domains with each hosting package, with the exception of the cheapest plan which provides 6 domains only.
•Extensive script library –The service boasts a large script library with blogs, CMS(Content Management Systems) applications and others-and these are easily installable on your website with just a click. This enables you to design a distinct and dynamic website without having to do any coding.
•Free domain – This is the best feature of the web hosting services offered by Arvixe. This hosting service pays the domain name as long as you remain a client. This is especially advantageous since most other webhosting providers require you to pay for the domain or give free offers for limited time periods.
•Money back guarantee –Arvixe offers an attractive 60-day money back guarantee, therefore if you wish to opt out of the service, you will always get the invested amount back.
•Uptime of 99% – This service hosts about 100,000 sites from various companies, but it assures you, the client, of an outstanding 99.9% uptime.Therefore the service is suitable for all business sizes.
•Website statistics – When you launch a website, Arvixe provides site stats to assist in performance measurement. You can also check their website statistics using the integrated AWStats software or Webalizer and also access sub domain statistics and raw data logs.This helps you to establish the areas that require improvement

For uploading of new content, Arvixe provides several options such as unlimited FTP accounts, .htacess support and secure shell access. It also gives an FTP manager to assist you to manage FTP accounts using administrator rights.

The company’s Linux-based C-panel (the popular website management application) only requires you to do a little research before accessing its features and interface.

Arvixe Webhosting Plans

Arvixe offers a diverse range of hosting plans formulated to suit a diverse range of users, namely:

•Dedicated Hosting Plan –Using this plan enables you to host your own website, with increased security and uptime.It uses multi-processor servers which are priced at about $429 each month.
•Linux Web Hosting Plan -This popular hosting plan provides clients with unmatched affordability and reliability.
•Reseller Hosting Plans-These plans enable you to build, manage and brand your own hosting company in only 5 minutes. A WHM (Web host manager) control panel facilitates creation of an account by giving a username, user password and name of the domain. After creating the hosting account,the users of the reseller will use it through their control panel to connect and use the service.
•Business Hosting Plans –These plans give you outstanding reliability through shared webhosting. Business Class Pro is a 2-year package priced at $35 each month and the Business Class is a 2-year plan at only $22 every month.
•Virtual Private Server Plans –These plans are characterized by a special environment provided by dedicated servers. They are designed as a stepping-stone between dedicated and shared hosting.

Technical support

Arvixe provides both extensive and intensive support to help users build capacity. This is done using user forums, highly informative teaching videos and a descriptive knowledgebase that gives guidance on the various features provided. The support team is available day and night. Phone support deals with sales, billing, abuse, management and general support. You can also access live chat by clicking on the upper right of their official website. An email is also provided to assist in new orders, quotes, follow-ups, billing, general help and quality and technical issues

In conclusion, Arvixe is a topnotch webhosting option, with attractive features, comprehensive plans for a wide range of users and outstanding technical support.

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