Hostgator 1 Cent Coupons 2016

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Hostgator offers top tier shared webhosting, dedicated servers, and VPS to meet the needs of various types of clients. One of the best aspects of is that clients can upgrade from a package to another without having to go through a restore/backup cycle or losing uptime. Instead, the whole upgrade process is handled in-house by Hostgator’s automated scripts and their staff, but the outcome is a more satisfying webhosting experience that allows websites to grow as needed. Here is a comprehensive Hostgator review:


Hostgator 1 Cent Coupon 2016

Customer Support with a Smile

Before going deeper into details on plans, it’s also worth noting that the company’s staff was contacted 3 times at roughly eight hour intervals in a bid to measure their speed, overall level of customer service, and knowledge. It would be almost unfair to rate Hostgator anything less than a 5/5 score since there was never once even a second of hold time, the customer care desk were always friendly, and their answers were always satisfying and accurate. The customer care representatives always seem to be native English speakers, and no Hostgator client has to worry about communication challenges with a non-native English representative, whether they chat online, place a call, or send an e-mail to the company’s toll-free line.
Shared-hosting Plans with Some Bite

The most affordable services that Hostgator offers are the shared hosting plans that some of its competitors seem to have paid a little less attention to or eschewed altogether. As a matter of fact In fact the company’s name is closely tied to 2 of the 3 tiers of shared webhosting, which are known as the Hatchling, Business and Baby plans. All of the company’s shared hosting plans provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space, although the Hatchling plan has the ability to host one domain whilst the other two plans can host unlimited domains. This is definitely an amazing thing to take note of especially if you are looking to host multiple websites, for example, bloggers and/or domainers looking to monetize numerous sites.
Powerful VPS at Great Prices

While the competition might advertise cheap prices, the amazing thing is that any individual running at least a single blog with an SSL-login protection will confess that the company’s prices are definitely on the low end of the spectrum. Its VPS solutions are totally amazing in terms of flexibility and price. Offered in 7 fully-managed and 2 semi-managed tiers, the company’s VPS solutions begin at $19.95 p/mo and operate all the way up to $209.96 p/mo. The 2 semi-managed solutions don’t have full c-Panel support, but are equipped with Virtuozzo instead. Meanwhile the top seven packages can be fitted with the latest c-Panel for an additional $10 p/mo. The most affordable managed package with a c-Panel module add-on goes for $49.95 p/mo and has a guaranteed 24/7 access to 1.14 GHz of computing power, 30 GB of storage, 500 GB of monthly bandwidth and 768 MB of RAM. Added to this is the need to transfer or register domains, and the first subscription of VPS hosting is more likely to cost just over $500. Although this figure might appear like a tad on the high side, the company uses the latest model Dell-servers packing 2-Nehalem-class CPUs. This brings about affordable webhosting without any compromises and fast performance.

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