WPEngine Review

When it comes to discussing about WPEngine review, there are a number of essential aspects that need to be taken into consideration. If you are looking to create an ecommerce storefront through WordPress, then you are going to need a reliable hosting service. WPEngine is an excellent contender for this type of service, as they are the leading hosting company that specializes exclusively in WordPress hosting.

WPEngine Review

WPEngine offers four different plans for hosting WordPress sites: Personal Plan, Professional Plan, Business Plan, and Enterprise Plan. These plans are priced at $29 a month, $99 a month, $249 a month, and no fixed price, respectively. Looking at such price tags, it can be said that WPEngine does not come cheap, as compared to the other hosting solutions like Hostgator and Bluehost where starter plans can be availed in and around the range of $5 a month. However, it is important for you to understand the fact that WordPress is a somewhat resource hungry platform by itself and ecommerce plug-ins will add further to its already rich resource environment. This is exactly where WPEngine could turn out to be worth the investment, especially in a situation where ecommerce site receives plenty of traffic.

WPEngine’s entry-level plan offers unlimited bandwidth and 10GB of data storage, which is sufficient for most small ecommerce stores. This plan counts the number of visits to your site and usually limits it to 25,000 visits a month. If this number goes beyond that limit, then they will bill you $1 extra per 1000 visits. If the over-the-limit bills get too high, you need to upgrade to their professional plan.

There are two important features that can counter the relatively higher cost of this hosting service.

WP Engine EverCache: This is proprietary caching software developed by WPEngine. This cache software is specifically designed to enhance the overall performance of the WordPress sites.

WP Engine Staging Area: This is software that you can use to use various different themes, plug-ins, etc, without having to disturb your primary site or store. This can be a useful feature if you want to try out new things every now and then.

Following are some of the other important features WPEngine hosting service:

Thanks to its massive popularity, WordPress has been targeted by a number of malicious hackers. WPEngine makes it possible for you to backup your site with just one click, in addition to ensuring the safety of their network infrastructure.

As it is a completely WordPress centric hosting service, it maintains a great collection of WordPress themes and plug-ins, thereby making it simpler for you to select the right ones without wasting your time with trial and error.

In addition to all these features, WPEngine constantly introduces automatic updates that enhance your WordPress experience. Finally, WPEngine customer support is truly professional and takes great deal of pride in what they do. Thus, in the light of above-mentioned facts, if you have to choose a hosting service that has excellent WordPress hosting capabilities and support, you must surely try out WPEngine hosting service.

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